Amla Oil

Well’s 100% Amla oil comes from the Indian gooseberry fruit, which is also known as Emblica Officinalis or Phyllanthus Emblica. Amla fruit contains very high in vitamin C, as well as several other antioxidants and nutrients. It has been eaten, or made into tonics and oils, for thousands of years and used both as a therapeutic and preventative medicine. Amla oil fight hair loss, stimulate hair growth and prevent gray hair. It can also apply directly to the scalp or to the beard or eyebrows.


Suggested Use

Apply Amla oil after shampooing and use it in place of a conditioner. When used in a manner, Amla oil is typically massaged into the strands so that it lightly coats the hair. People with oily hair avoid applying directly to the scalp and instead, apply oil to their ends. After 15 minutes or longer, the Amla oil can be rinsed from the hair with warm water. For your skin, Amla oil reduces dry skin and brightens the skin.


Ingredients: 100% amla oil

Shelf Life: 2 years from manufacturing

Caution: It is for external use only and cannot be ingested.


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