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Meadowfoam seed oil


Well's 100% Meadowfoam seed is extracted through the cold-pressing of the seeds of Limnanthes alba plant, which produces am antioxidant rich oil with amazing skin softening and moisturizing properties. The oil has a waxy texture, which is very similar to jojoba oil, and it is used commercially in many balms, lotions and creams. It is also very stable oil, so it can be used as a carrier oil that will lengthen the life of less stable oils.


Suggested Use:

Meadowfoam seed oil has many skin care benefits and uses. It's one of the base oils used in our Carrot Seed & Geranium Facial Moisturizer. You can also add it to a custom skin care selection with shea butter to create an ultra-nourishing, moisturizing treatment, and also can be used in body scrubs.



100% Pure Meadowfoam seed oil.


Shelf Life
2 years from manufacturing.


It is for external use only and cannot be ingested.



Meadowfoam Seed

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