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✅Well's 100% Avocado Oil delivers nourishment with natural vitamin E. Avocado oil is extracted from the flesh of the ripe fruit and is excellent to moisturize dry skin and for massage. Not tested on animals. No synthetic preservatives, colors, or fragrances.

✅Pure Avocado Oil can be used as a scalp or skin conditioner, or as an emollient. Also makes a soothing massage oil.

✅Avocado oil can be applied directly to the hair or added in a shampoo or conditioner to aid hair growth. The oil disperses a shiny healthy glow to your locks.

✅Burns and wounds are no match for avocado oil's healing properties. Applying avocado oil to the injuries speeds up the healing process. Also great in lotions and creams, Avocado oil has a very quick absorption rate which leaves a great feeling on your skin.



reduces marks, cures psoriasis, hydrates and lightens the skin tone, reduces and prevents age spots, natural sunscreen, antioxidants, prevents acne, nourishes the skin

natural conditioner, protects hair from heat and chemicals, heals split ends, provides shiny hair, regulates hair growth, moisturizes the scalp


100% Pure Avocado Oil.


✅Shelf Life
2 years from manufacturing.


It is for external use only and cannot be ingested.




SKU: NO405
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