The Best Essential Oils for a Good Night's Sleep

Sleep is essential – but often interrupted. So many factors, things like snoring or other sounds of the night, can wake you up and leave you staring at the ceiling for hours wondering how long your body can go without sleep.

You can change up your diet, check in with a sleep coach, or count sheep, but one of the greatest ways to drift off is actually through your nose. When diffused, essential oils have shown to help calm your body, improve your sleep cycle, and get you the uninterrupted rest you deserve. They can even help you wake up in the morning, so you can give the snooze button a rest.

These are the best essential oils on the market and each of them will help you drift off to sleep. We've awarded them for their contributions to your body's most essential function. Now breathe deep and get to bed.


Lavender smells great, yes. There are plenty of pleasant benefits to a house full of floral scents, but shockingly enough, sleep is one of them. According to prior research, participants who used lavender for sleep woke up feeling more vigorous and alert.


No, it's not just for tea. Chamomile oil has been proven to combat insomnia symptoms. It can also reduce feelings of anxiety or stress, which are often the culprits behind sleepless nights.


Just as mint is often used in the usual over-the-counter medicines, it can also be used in oils. It's a highly effective and refreshing scent that can penetrate sickness. Can't sleep due to a clogged-up stuffy nose? This will help you feel a bit clearer.


When life hands you lemons, use them for essential oil. Bright, cheery lemon-based oils are potent and invigorating. If you've slept a bit too much or are feeling a bit groggy, this will help regulate your sleep schedule, wake you up, and relax you whether you're awake or asleep.


Roses aren't only for Valentine's Day, cheesy rom-coms, or candle-lit first dates. The floral scent has some healing benefits thanks to its different compounds, so it can also be beneficial for restful sleep.

-Men's Health-